Every year, September seems about the same. It's usually really hot and exceptionally dry. It's also the most miserable month in Oklahoma since that's when ragweed starts pollinating across the US, and every joke cold front seems to blow it through our parts down South. That's not to say we haven't had decent Septembers on record, but by and large, it's traditionally a miserable month in Southwest Oklahoma. Why in the world would Farmers Almanac grow the stones to say this year will be different?

Now, I know we've had a cool Septembers in recent years, and I realize we've had a wet one for the record books too, but what are the odds of worst case scenario happening again? The current prediction is thunderstorms each and every week. That's an insane thing to think. The last time this happened to Southwest Oklahoma, the cotton harvest was pushed so far off there was a global shortage because it wasn't just wet here, it was wet everywhere.

All the same, Farmers Almanac has infamously missed the forecast for most of 2021 so far, who's taking the gamble that they'll be correct in their outlook towards Fall? Take into account the area of prediction too, it might be far too easy to claim accuracy since the forecast area is most of Oklahoma, 95% of Texas, and a little sliver of New Mexico. If it happens to be a little rainy anywhere in the almost-tri-state area, I'd imagine it'll be called a win.

I wouldn't go ordering new rain gear just yet, but a cooler September like we had last year might be just the thing we need since the rona-rates have things tracking towards staying at home a lot going into this fall.

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