Riding a train is already enough of an ordeal without passengers like this throwing a wrench into your trip.

And by "like this," we mean a dude wearing two huge snakes around his neck like Flavor Flav wears clocks.

He's so nonchalant about the whole thing that it's easy to forget we have to come up with a lame Snakes on a Plane snakes on a train joke.

Not only is he nonchalant, he's also quite the multi-tasker. He's working his phone like an agent trying to score a multi-year contract for his star quarterback client, chatting with people on the train, letting the slithery creatures crawl all over him and hopefully keeping tabs on when his stop comes up.

We can't help but notice no one is sitting near him, which makes perfect sense. Would you want to sit next to this guy? Heck, if we were on this train with him, the first thing we'd do after we get off is make a run to a car dealership to see how we can go about buying a set of wheels so we can avoid run-ins with fellas like this.

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