A new study has discovered the most popular tattoo designs by state and you'll never guess what the #1 tattoo is for Oklahoma. Using information collected from Google Trends the folks over at Zippia.com have been hard at work crunching the data to let us know the most popular tattoos for each state.

Some are pretty crazy like Arizona who seem to prefer Shia LaBeouf tattoos for whatever reason. In Kentucky they can't get enough Disney tattoos and in Texas the Juggalos have taken over! Some states didn't have a favorite design, instead they have favorite locations for tattoos. Maybe you have the #1 tattoo design for Oklahoma somewhere on your body. I never in a million years would have guessed this one...

The #1 tattoo design in Oklahoma is script, specifically the words: "No Regrets." How funny is that? Of course the first thing I thought of, I think we're all thinking it, is the movie "We're the Millers" and the scene where Scotty P. comes to pick up Kasey. The "No Ragrets" tattoo. Admit it, you thought the exact same thing!

Lol, I just hope that if you're currently wearing this permanently as a tattoo on your body that it's spelled correctly. Or maybe not and that's the joke. Check out the map and see all the most popular tattoo designs by state. Some are pretty hilarious! You can also go to the official Zippia.com website for their full report.

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