I stumbled across a thread on the Oklahoma reddit that almost instantly made me snort a little laugh just based on the headline. The comments and replies only drove the comedy further.

Simply put, if a company were to make a candle that smelled of Oklahoma, what would it smell like?

It all stems from your typical bunch of born or adopted Okies that somehow remain completely clueless about the state in which they live.

So there is a company in Fort Wayne, Indiana called Simple Nature that makes what are called air-diffusers. Imagine a candle you don't have to light with fire. You simply insert some stick-like reeds into the concoction of essential oils and the wicking action releases that scent into the air. They were really popular in the 90s.

As a schtick, the company makes these diffusers named after cities, states, and countries. Marketing 101: Tie someone's sense of identity to the product and they'll buy it. Naturally, there's an Oklahoma scented one.

From the website:

Welcome to the land of hidden treasures, from the bygone days of the wild-and-rowdy Great American Frontier, sparkling lakes, glorious mountains, cypress-lined bayous and picturesque towns, Oklahoma has a place for you.

...to which reddits most undereducated Okies respond with your average, everyday dumping on this state because "nothing is in Oklahoma."

For the record, while there are no natural lakes, there are some real sparklers off in the Northeastern part of the state. Obviously, there are glorious mountains here in the Southwest portion, and if you travel far enough to the Southeast you'll stumble across magnificent cypress-lined swamps and bayous.

Spend enough time exploring the state, you'll find those picturesque towns too. Drive down the historic downtown areas of Guthrie, Broken Arrow, Ponca City, or countless other old small towns across this state and tell me it's not picturesque. Martin Scorsese just wrapped filming for Killers Of The Flower Moon in Pawhuska and Fairfax, chosen because they are so historically accurate to the early 20th century and picturesque all the same.

I've said it before, I'll say it again... If the people that lived in Oklahoma got out more and explored Oklahoma, they'd stop complaining about Oklahoma. Too many people are way too comfortable living in their own little bubble. With that, we're back on topic and on to the fun stuff.

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