With the soaring price of gas, it's no wonder people are seeking ways to enjoy a family summer trip on a budget that won't break the bank. If your family loves the outdoors, there's no better place to relax for a few days than floating down one of Oklahoma's thousands of rivers.

Admit it... sitting in a big rubber tube lazily floating down the channel while enjoying a cold beverage of your choice may not sound super exciting, but it could be the best way to waste away a weekend on the cheap. The only question is, where can you do it?

Of all the waterways in Oklahoma, the Lower Illinois River near Tahlequah is the top-tier location. It's practically famous for the 100% full service you get when you float that stretch of river.

Hop in a raft or tube at one point, float for a few hours, and there's someone at the other end to bring you back. Nothing but good times in between. Because it's thought of as the best, there are almost limitless amenities along the full seventy-mile stretch of the river. Campsites, hotels, eateries, convenience stores along the banks, etc... but it's not the only place to float in Oklahoma. Here's a quick list of closer options.

According to Google, the closest place to float a river is River Bottom Camp Ground and Tubing over in Davis. Everybody that has left reviews of the floating there has nothing but good things to say. A nice leisurely float down a lazy river takes no effort at all.

That being said, the negative reviews tend to mention the high cost of camping in the area. Normal tent camping sites around the state average around $15 per campsite for one night, the reviews suggest it's $10 per night/per person at River Bottom. If you have an average family, the cost could get up there.

All the same, if you're just driving over to float and come home for the night, the floating costs seem right in line with what everybody else charges.

Red River Float Trips is another close float outfitter, it's just outward bound from Lake Texoma. While they don't offer tubes on their website, they do offer three other fun ways to float... Kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats oddly enough.

You can't forget about Riversport Rapids in OKC. Not only do they have world-class white water rapids and the Olympic training course, they also have a fun float every day open to almost any age.

Mandatory disclaimer... As with anything corporate, there are restrictions. Mandatory personal protective gear, not a bad idea, and it's technically floating the same section of the river a few times like any other water park lazy river, but it's all built-in and taken care of. Consider it a float trip in a box. For some, it's ideal.

All the same, if you really want to experience the original and most famous Oklahoma river float experience, drive to Tahlequah and float the Illinois River.

Tubes are offered up for rent alongside big inflatable boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, stand-up paddle boards, etc... If there's a way to float they rent it. The waters are pristine and I've known a bunch of guys that float, fish, and wild camp their way down it every year.

As the rains dry up and the water levels steady, it is prime time for you to find your float destination and experience a little outdoor Oklahoma.

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