Since the Olympic Games started in 1896, Oklahoma has had hundreds of athletes on Team USA. Those Okie athletes have produced 10 gold medals for Team USA. And with several Oklahomans back on the team this year, hopefully the Sooner State can add more gold medals to its trophy count.

Accord to an article from The Sport Geek, Oklahoma ranks number 23 for the most gold medals out of all the states in America with 10 gold medals total. On a global scale, the United States has won the most Summer Olympic medals with a total of 2,635.

Based on the athlete's birth places, The Sports Geek pulled the data for the most gold medals from each state. Below are the top five states:

1. California - 127

2. New York - 70

3. Ohio - 44

4. Illinois - 40

5. Texas 34

Oklahoma is tied with Minnesota and Colorado with 10 gold medals each. The states are edged out by Mississippi with 11 gold medals and are ahead of Arkansas with nine gold medals. And it looks like not all states have gold medals. Below are the bottom five states:

46. Maine - 1

47. Rhode Island - 1

48. Wyoming - 1

49. New Hampshire - 0

50. North Dakota - 0

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Who is Oklahoma's most decorated Olympian?

Jim Thorpe is considered Oklahoma's most decorated Olympian. He competed in the Olympics in Stockholm during the 1912 Olympic Games. Thorpe was also the first Native American to win an Olympic gold medal for the United States. He took home two gold medals - one for the decathlon and one for the pentathlon.

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