The cast for "Twisters" has begun its press tour for the movie that was filmed in Oklahoma. The film had its first premiere in London this week before it hits theatres on July 19.

The press tour officially kicked off in Dallas, Texas at the beginning of the month before hopping across the pond for the first premiere.

The London premiere was fitting for the film as a light rain shower glistened the red carpet.

The rain also made an appearance at the casts' London photo call.

The London premiere was also special to the cast as it's the hometown of Daisy Edgar-Jones who plays one of the film's main characters.

Will Oklahoma have an official 'Twisters' premiere?

As of July 10, there has been no public announcement of an official Oklahoma premiere with the cast and crew for "Twisters." With the movie's release date getting closer and closer, Oklahomans may just have to just keep looking forward to seeing the movie when it officially hits theaters on July 19.

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