Today, June 20th, Lawton, Oklahoma's Chick-Fil-A is celebrating Dog Day by giving out treat bags to pets that come between 5:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. to support the fundraiser for a local animal rescue.

Fish's Friends Rescue has partnered with the Lawton Chick-fil-A to raise funds towards rescuing stray dogs. In fact, 10% of the proceeds of orders made through Chick-fil-A's mobile app are being donated to the rescue.

This creative fundraising idea came from the help of Mandy Collins, a cancer survivor from Deleware who combined her experience with out-of-the-box fundraising with her love with rescuing animals.


Collins volunteered with the Deleware Breast Cancer Coalition and was in charge of collecting donations for large-scale fundraisers. One of those fundraisers involved their local Chick-Fil-A. "I knew Chick-Fil-A was individually franchised and hoped this franchise would be willing to support our local community as well," she said.

Since June is National Foster A Pet month, it was already planned for Lawton's Chick-Fil-A to celebrate Dog Day on the 20th. The idea to create donations for Fishy's Friends Rescue only came after Mandy and the Fundraising Coordinator met and planned.

Fishy's Friends Rescue is different from many other shelters for a few reasons. One of the main reason's they stand out from the rest is their aim to help stray and homeless animals specifically.

According to founder Athena Nielipinski, her inspiration all started with the stray who became a local celebrity in Lawton, Fishy.

Fishy, who earned his name from Nielipinski's chant with a can of sardines while trying to catch him, gained a lot of attention from the southwest Oklahoma community while on the move. The founder wanted to use that attention to highlight the stray animal problem in Comanche County.


Proceeds from the fundraiser will be helpful for other stray animals to receive food, care and medical attention if needed while being housed by one of the Fishy's Friends fosters.

Other local shelters and rescues are following suit and taking a different direction with their fundraising ideas. Collins said that many have already partnered with businesses like Texas Roadhouse and Firo Fire-Kissed Pizza. Guess the rescues have figured out the best way to anyone's heart is through their stomach.

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