Every year, major holidays like the Fourth of July and New Years usually are met with both excitement and anxiety. When it's this time of year, fireworks usually spark an uptick of lost animals. Luckily, time is on our side - new technology and ideas have helped people find their pets quicker and easier.


After recently losing my dog, I had a few friends recommend trying to use a drone. I wasn't sure how well that would work, but research shows it works pretty darn well.

Using drones to find animals has been done before and definitely proven to be successful, finding pets fast enough to hopefully catch them before being injured or killed.

Using thermal technology and GPS tracking to track the animals both in light and dark, drones have aided numerous searches and found missing pets faster than search teams on foot.

GPS Tracking Tags

Rather than trying to scramble when your puppy becomes lost, its best to prepare ahead of time. Now, thanks to technology, there are things like byte tags, which have an attached QR code that someone can scan - the signal from their phone marks the pup's location and sends your phone the location.


There are also GPS trackers for animals that activitely provide your pets location, but they do come with a few costs. Tracking devices do require charging, so battery life is immensely important. They also sometimes require subscriptions to the service providing the tracking device.


Many times, people take in stray animals to keep them save and fed while searching for their owners. One of the first things they do with the stray is take them to a local veterinarian to check for a microchip, which is specifically registered to each individual animal.


When an animal is microchipped, owners are able to register their personal information to the chip so that if the chip is scanned, they can be notified about their pet being found. Its a more invasive, but less expensive, option that lasts the animal's life.

We hope that you don't have to experience the panic of losing your animal, but, if you do, you have technology on your side and options. More importantly, Oklahoma's people are great at helping, spreading the word and helping when help is needed.

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