Believe it or not, Oklahoma really is a loved state. Many times the famous folk come back to Oklahoma for a getaway, a vacation from the hustle and bustle. If you're lucky, you just might find them at these popular places in Oklahoma.

Ole Red's - Tishomingo, Oklahoma

In 2017, Blake Shelton and Ryman Hospitality Properties opened the first Ole Red's restaurant a mere 45 minutes away from his hometown of Ada, Oklahoma. The next year, in 2018, he opened another in the country capital of the United States: Nashville, Tennessee.

On more than one occasion, Blake Shelton has made an appearance at Oklahoma's Ole Red bar, even sharing the stage with local artists. Nowadays, you may even catch him and his wife, Gewn Stefani, enjoying Oklahoma's own talent.

Don't wait for an announcement - you'll only ever see the news after he's already been there. The best way to know when he'll be there is to listen to their best talent, who Blake really comes to support.

JJ's Alley Bricktown Bar - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This hideaway is another live music hotspot in Oklahoma, right along the popular Bricktown area. If you aren't careful, you may accidentally walk right past it. Inside, there have not only been numerous artists, but a few celebrities under cover, just enjoying Oklahoma City's party life.

Oklahoma Rodeos

If you're into barrel racing, you've probably heard the name Fallon Taylor. She's a top class, professional barrel racer known for bringing in money and practicing safe riding as one of the only barrel racers to wear a helmet during her runs.

She travels all over the United States racing, but every now and again you may spot her at a local rodeo, like in 2022 when she made an appearance at the local Chickasha Rodeo.

@thefallont Lolo is just amazing!! #chickasha #rodeo #barrelracer ♬ Coming in Hot - Andy Mineo & Lecrae

You're more likely to see her competing strictly in barrel racing events, like the American Central Region Finals in Oklahoma City, but she just might be making a run in your small town rodeo, too.

The Outsiders Museum - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Keep in mind that celebrities are just people, sometimes they need a chance to breathe and think about things other than their work for a day. My guess is that's why Leonardo Dicaprio made an appearance, that and to see his good friend, at the Outsiders Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2021.

You may not see Leo, but rest assured he isn't the only celebrity to have walked through the museum doors before or will one day in the future.

Get Creative

You definitely cannot always predict where people will be (unless you're a stalker). But, if you'd like to run into your favorite celebrity, pay attention to their social media.

If they are a famous band, see where they are performing. Chances are they'll be eating out near the concert venue. If they're acting in a movie being filmed, they may make an appearance to the nearby movie store or theatre to promote their movie. Most importantly, though, remember that if things are meant to happen - they will.

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