Shocking Words Found on Texas Truck's Back.

Warning: The video at the bottom of this article may contain language not suitable for young children.

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Many people like to display messages on their cars. Some love to deck out their vehicles with bumper stickers showing which presidential candidate they support. These people are huge douchebags.

Of course, we've all seen the car that has way too many bumper stickers on it. The driver feels like the stranger driving behind them must know every single opinion on every single relevant subject for some reason. That reason is narcissism.   

But the guy (we're assuming it's a man) in the video below takes the cake. That is to say, he really takes the cake* according to his signage.

* The Urban Dictionary defines cake as:

a woman's nicely figured booty, fat, juicy, plump, voluptuous. damnnn that shawty qot a cakeee, she look like she tryna marry Betty Crocker!



Check out the video below:

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