When one thinks of filth and a city that would be described as the "dirtiest" in the United States, many of us would probably think of New York or San Francisco or somewhere in New Jersey. But according to a recent study by LawnStarter, it's a city in Texas that has been dubbed the "Dirtiest in America".

In fact, two Texas cities made the "Top 10" of dirtiest cities in America according to LawnStarter. Which I'm not sure if that is really an honor or not.

The Dirtiest City in America? According to LawnStarter, it's Houston, Texas that takes the dirty crown. According to the New York Post, Houston ended up as number 1 due to poor air quality, problems with infrastructure, and the "staggering number of pests invading homes".

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LawnStarter data shows that Houston has the worst cockroach problem in America. LawnStarter looked at 150 of the biggest cities in the United States and compared data points. LawnStarter looked at  Air Quality data, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, homes with signs of rats or mice, tonnage of waste in landfills, and pollution.

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Houston wasn't the only Texas city to make the list. San Antonio came in #7, El Paso at #29, Dallas at #32, Amarillo at #35, Fort Worth at #40, Austin at #56, Waco at #62, Arlington at #72, Plano at #78, Frisco at #91, and McKinney at #135.

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By the way, New York City? They ranked as the #12 dirtiest city in America. Seven cities in California ranked in the top 17 dirtiest.

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