The next time you see Thundermother, the Swedish all-female rock band will have a decidedly different look. That's because three-fourths of the band has just left, with guitarist Filippa Nassil being the one remaining holdover from the group that released the Black and Gold album last year.

The divide appears to be over the status of singer Guernica Mancini, who exited the band with drummer Emlee Johnson and bassist Mona Lindgren following her out of the group to form a new project together. Nassil, meanwhile, has revealed that former bassist Majsan Lindberg has returned, while Therion's Linnéa Vikström will handle vocals for the reconstructed Thundermother lineup.

Nassil issued a statement via the band's social media about the lineup changes that reads as follows:

The last year has been full of adventures, new impressions and we have made memories that will last forever. Unfortunately our journey ends in the constellation known to you until today and a new chapter will be written for Thundermother with both old familiar and new faces and for sure a lot more adventures and memories to come.
After seven years of being together, we unfortunately came to the decision that our paths lead in different directions. Guernica, Mona and Emlee will focus on their own careers and I wish them nothing but the best of luck.
I am thrilled to announce that our bass player Majsan who left for studies 1,5 years ago has finished and will rejoin!
I am happy to announce that Thundermother could win Linnéa Vikström (Therion, At the movies) with her incredible power, her extraordinary voice and her charming manners as a new singer for Thundermother!
We are beyond excited and looking forward to the future filled with a new positive energy and with these girls by my side the future is going to fucking rock.
Let’s show the world that there is so much female talent out there and let’s give the girls a heart-melting warm welcome to Thundermother!
Rock must live on!
xo Filippa

Meanwhile, the exiting members shed more light on the divide in a statement of their own. Posted via Mona Lindgren's Facebook account, it reads as follows:

Important Announcement
It's with a heavy heart that we are writing this. Filippa has made the decision that Guernica's time in Thundermother is over. Because of this, and the lack of agreement regarding the decision-making process in the band, Emlee and Mona have decided to leave Thundermother.
Filippa will continue with a new Thundermother lineup.
Guernica, Emlee and Mona will continue playing music together and are forming a new band.
To all the people who have been a part of this journey; Guernica, Emlee and Mona want to say thank you for the support, we love you all. We are so grateful for everything that we've experienced with Thundermother, and hope you all will support our separate journeys. We understand how hard it is to read this. This is by far one of the toughest situations we've had to go through and right now we are mourning the loss of a big part of our lives. We humbly ask you to be kind and respectful. Thank you for your understanding.
/ Emlee, Mona and Guernica

Thundermother broke on the scene with 2014's Rock N' Roll Disaster album, then continued to build their audience 2015's Road Fever, 2018's self-titled release, 2020's Heat Wave and last year's Black and Gold album. The band opened for Scorpions for a big part of 2022.

The new Thundermother lineup is expected to return to touring this spring in Europe. Keep up with their dates here.

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