Metallica are arguably the biggest band in the world right now, at least when it comes to metal. Regardless of your level of Metallica fandom, have you ever wondered which of their songs other people listen to the most?

While we can't actually track how many times people listen to a downloaded or tangible track, we can certainly look at numbers on streaming platforms such as Spotify. Spotify allows you to see any band's 10 most popular songs at any given time and how many monthly listeners they have, but the stats aren't much more detailed than that. Thanks to the site Kworb, though, we can get a better idea of people's Metallica's listening habits all around the world.

Upon searching Spotify's Top Global Artists, Metallica ranked No. 117. There aren't many artists from the rock and metal world that rank higher, aside from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, The Beatles and Queen. Metallica have garnered over 11.5 billion streams since they were added to the platform, and they get an average of more than 5.8 million streams each day.

There are a total of 656 tracks by the legends on Spotify, which includes various editions of different songs and albums, live versions and more. Their No. 1 most-streamed song, unsurprisingly, is "Enter Sandman," which has over 1.2 billion listens and gets more than 680,000 new spins a day. Fellow Metallica track "Nothing Else Matters" falls just a bit below at No. 2.

There's quite a significant drop in listens for the third most-streamed song, which is "Master of Puppets" and has over 750 million total streams. That's still an incredibly high number, but there's quite a gap between 750 million and 1 billion — that just shows how popular "Enter Sandman" and "Nothing Else Matters" truly are.

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We took a screenshot of their Top 50 songs based on streams from the site, which you can see for yourself below. You can also see how 500 of them rank by visiting Kworb's Metallica page.

Metallica have two shows left in 2023, which will take place Nov. 10 and 12 in Detroit. They'll play in Europe next spring and summer, and then will head back for another run around North America starting in August. See all of the dates on their website.

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