Though the reunion discussion has been plenty over the last few months, it doesn't look like Oasis are any closer to getting back together. Noel Gallagher confirmed as much, while also sharing that there is a plan to put out a 30th anniversary reissue of the band's 1994 debut, Definitely Maybe.

Gallagher spoke with Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera about the reissue plans, which is when the topic of whether or not they'd be performing to celebrate the anniversary came up.

“There won’t be a tour, we won’t come back to play them together,” revealed Gallagher, as transcribed by NME. The elder Gallagher brother seemed to be softening to the idea of a reunion earlier this year, sharing in an interview that he felt if Liam was truly interested, then his people should contact Noel's people and he'd be open to hearing what he had to say. Liam responded on Twitter by once again calling his brother a "potato" and commenting on the damage he'd done to the Oasis brand.

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What About the Oasis Definitely Maybe 30th Anniversary Edition?

While a tour doesn't appear to be in the works, Noel Gallagher says that Oasis do intend to mark the 30th anniversary of their classic debut album with an expanded reissue in 2024. Teasing what to expect, the guitarist-songwriter commented, “In the Sony archives we’ve found tapes dating to those sessions. We thought they were lost, but they were mislabelled. They are wonderful versions of those songs, some acoustic versions.” These supposedly include acoustic versions of "Live Forever," "Slide Away" and "Supersonic."

He also revealed that he knew instantly he had a hit on his hands after writing "Live Forever." "We were nobody," said Gallagher to the Italian paper. "I was in a flat in Manchester on a Tuesday afternoon. I took it to rehearsal and Bonehead said, 'You didn't write that.' I knew it'd be a classic."

While no official release date or additional info about the 30th anniversary was revealed, it should be noted that the original Definitely Maybe album was released Aug. 29, 1994.

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