Here are six big things that happened at Sonic Temple 2024.

The four-day festival kicked off Thursday (May 16), and took place at Historic Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. Slipknot, The Original Misfits, Disturbed and Pantera were the main headliners, but a ton of other huge rock and metal groups performed over the weekend as well, and there were quite a few collaborations and other cool things that happened.

Whether you were there or not, keep reading to see some big things that happened that you might've missed.

Falling in Reverse Members Burnt by Pyro

Falling in Reverse had to stop their set multiple times on Friday (May 17) during the song "Ronald" due to their stage pyro, which actually burnt multiple members, including drummer Luke Holland.

Ronnie Radke stopped and restarted the song a few times, but they were able to finish the set, and even had Slaughter to Prevail's Alex Terrible come out and perform it with them.

Holland addressed the situation in a video for fans afterward.

"First time in my career, ever, I apologize — we had to stop 'Ronald,' our new song, three times because the pyro was literally burning. We had EMTs and stuff," the drummer said in the video as he held an ice pack over his arm.

Fortunately, he said in another post that the burns were "light" and that he's okay.

Falling in Reverse, 'Ronald' (Sonic Temple 2024)

David Draiman Joined Nita Strauss for "Dead Inside"

Disturbed headlined the festival Thursday night (May 16), but frontman David Draiman made an appearance onstage earlier that day when he joined Nita Strauss for a performance of the song "Dead Inside." The track is a single off Strauss' latest solo album, The Call of the Void.

Draiman sings on the studio version of the song, which was released in October of 2021. But, he doesn't always get to sing it with her live, so it was an extra special rendition of the song this time around.

Nita Strauss + David Draiman, "Dead Inside" (Sonic Temple 2024)

Evanescence Perform "Bring Me to Life" With P.O.D.'s Sonny Sandoval

Evanescence's Amy Lee tackled the majority of the band's mega hit "Bring Me to Life" on her own, but when brought P.O.D. vocalist Sonny Sandoval out to handle the rap parts in the bridge.

Lee had the crowd put their hands in the air and clap for Sandoval's entrance, so they finished the rest of the song on a strong note.

Evanescence + P.O.D.'s Sonny Sandoval, "Bring Me to Life" (Sonic Temple)

New Year's Day's Ash Costello Joins Disturbed for "Don't Tell Me"

Disturbed's 2022 album Divisive features the song "Don't Tell Me," which is a duet between Draiman and Heart's Ann Wilson. They've had numerous singers perform the song with them live, including Wilson herself at Welcome to Rockville earlier this month.

But, at Sonic Temple, New Year's Day vocalist Ash Costello sang the tune with them live, and it was the first time they tackled the track together.

Sid Wilson Plays Song With Limp Bizkit

Sid Wilson joined Limp Bizkit onstage ahead of Slipknot's headlining performance for a scratch solo with DJ Lethal to the song "Turn It Up, Bitch" [via].

Sid Wilson Scratch Solo With Limp Bizkit (Sonic Temple 2024)

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Slipknot Perform Without Clown

Slipknot were the final performers of the festival and played a 14-song set to close out the weekend on Sunday night. But — they were missing founding member Shawn "Clown" Crahan, and Corey Taylor explained why at one point during the set.

"Clown, yesterday, broke a tooth and had to have it removed. There's an issue. He had to stay home for medical reasons. But he insisted that we come here and fucking play this fucking show for each and every goddamn one of you," Taylor said before they played "Before I Forget."

Slipknot, "Before I Forget" (Sonic Temple 2024)

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