System of a Down fans on Reddit are discussing the worst song to introduce someone new to the band.

First impressions are hard to erase, right? The first time you heard System of a Down was likely an unforgettable one, as they're such a unique sounding group. But there are many people who've never heard them before, or maybe have and didn't realize it.

Either way, when you're trying to influence someone to become a fan of an artist, you usually want to pick a good one that's really palatable so they can ease their way into the rest of their catalog. Picking a really eccentric song isn't always the best way to go, although in the case of SOAD, many of them are eccentric.

Thus, a fan on Reddit asked what the band's worst song is to show someone new as a way of introducing them to the music. We listed some of the most popular responses below.


'Arto' was mentioned in the top few comments of the Reddit discussion. The track was included on the group's 2001 release Toxicity. It's the band's re-imagination of an Armenian church hymn titled "Der Voghormia" (which translates to "Lord Have Mercy").

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See some comments that mention it, bulleted below.

  • "It’s a good song standalone, but it’s not like any other of SOAD’s songs at all due to the band’s Armenian lineage."
  • "'Arto' is definitely a cool song, just unlike any of their other songs."

System of a Down, 'Arto'

'Violent Pornography'

This song was featured on SOAD's 2005 album Mezmerize, and as noted by some of the Reddit users, has some intense lyrics, such as "It's a violent pornography / Choking chicks and sodomy / The kind of shit you get on your TV."

  • "'Violent Pornography'…the lyrics and nature of the song is a bit much for the first time listener I think."
  • "'Violent Pornography' is one of my favorites, but a first time listener hearing the lyrics never boats too well LMAO."

System of a Down, 'Violent Pornography'


"Roulette" appeared on their 2002 release Steal This Album!.

  • "Amazing song, but it gives a false impression of what to expect."
  • "I love 'Roulette,' but yeah. Not really nu metal and it doesn’t represent their style as a whole."

System of a Down, 'Roulette'

'She's Like Heroin'

This song was on 2005's Hypnotize. 

  • "Might actually be the worst vocal performance on any SOAD song ever... There's a point where getting really animated and over the top stops being enjoyable. There's a way to do it right, and imo, that song isn't it. Daron [Malakian]'s delivery takes it a handful of steps too far where it becomes a novelty song over anything I could take seriously. Instrumentally it's fine, though."

See the rest of the discussion here.

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