Which is the better Shinedown album - Leave a Whisper or Planet Zero? That's the debate at the center of this week's Chuck's Fight Club on the Loudwire Nights radio show, as we pit Shinedown's debut against their most recent album.

This also goes to the bigger debate of which bands have gotten creatively better over time, maintained a level of consistency or have seen a drop-off in their work. But regardless of the outcome, it's safe to say audiences found and embraced both albums.

Shinedown arrived on the scene in 2003 with Leave a Whisper, a solid debut album featuring drummer Barry Kerch, guitarist Jasin Todd, bassist Brad Stewart and the powerful and impactful vocals of Brent Smith. They built up solid buzz off their first two singles, "Fly From the Inside" and "45," before their cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man" brought in new audiences and they finished strong with the single "Burning Bright."

In 2022, coming off the COVID-19 pandemic, Shinedown has plenty to say with their Planet Zero album, filling it with songs that spoke to the human condition. The title track soared to the top of the chart, while the foursome of Smith, Kerch, Eric Bass and Zach Myers followed that up with the singles "Daylight," "Dead Don't Die" and "A Symptom of Being Human" also enjoying significant radio success.

Two great albums, but only one can come out on top and that's where you come in. On Monday's Loudwire Nights show, host Chuck Armstrong will introduce this week's Fight Club battle. Tuesday at 8PM he'll make the case for Leave a Whisper, while Wednesday at 8PM the focus will shift to Planet Zero. You can rate both albums below, with the winner being featured in a block airing on Friday's Loudwire Nights show at 8PM.

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