Are you looking to add a pet to your family? Have you always wanted to take home a cat with a criminal record? If you said yes to those questions then you’re in luck then because Juarez officials are looking for someone to adopt a Juarez cat that was found in a Juarez prison earlier this month. 

Ok, so I don't think this cat has a criminal record but it has been to prison and supposedly allegedly it was once owned by a cartel leader so, close enough?

Anyways, earlier this month members of the K9 group seized an Egyptian hairless cat that was found inside of CERESO 3, a Juarez prison. The cat was found with a “Made in Mexico” tattoo on its side. According to state public safety officials, that tattoo has ties to one of the criminal groups operating in the State of Chihuahua.

Courtesy: press room
Courtesy: press room

The cat, which is assumed to be around three years old, is estimated to be valued between $1,500 and $2,112 dollars according to El Diario.

The cat was turned over to a shelter before it was able to be put up for adoption. Although it was found to be in good health, it did suffer mistreatment due to its tattoos, according to a KVIA report.


Adopting this worldwide famous cat won’t be easy.

Juarez officials are asking all people interested in adopting the cat to fill out an application online.

People should know that the cat will be needing specific medical needs so before they apply they need to be sure that they will be able to provide those medical needs.

Courtesy: press room
Courtesy: press room

Although the adoption is free, medical costs for the cat may be a lot so people need to keep that in mind, too. People who are selected to adopt the cat will have to sign a contract along with their application ensuring that they will in fact be able to give this cat the attention it needs.

City employees and their direct family members are not allowed to participate in the adoption.

If you think you have the perfect home for this cat then you can apply via the WhatsApp application by texting: +52 656-570-8120 or by clicking here.

Juarez Cartel Cat

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