Recently, men across the nation have adopted the tradition of growing their best mustache  in the month of November or "Mo-vember" to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Now, we have a new mascot to bring awareness to testicular cancer. Meet Senhor Testiclo or in American English Mr. Testicle however, you are going to have to wait awhile before you catch him stateside because currently he resides in Brazil.  The Brazilian Department of Health wanted to find a creative way to remind men to check their scrotum for testicular cancer which if not detected early can be fatal. You may remember that a former Tour De France cyclist had a claim to fame for winning his races with only one ball because of testicular cancer. Sadly, Lance Armstrong had a tiny fall from grace when it was discovered that he may used performance enhancing drugs to win the races.

What I find very creepy is the amount of pictures Senhor Testiculo takes with young underage girls. Does he also drive a white windowless cargo van?

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