There was a thread on the Oklahoma Reddit a few days ago that quickly devolved into some pretty monumental bashing of Lawton-Fort Sill. It's amazing how quickly it went off the rails.

Backstory: A Reddit user was asking for advice on where to move. They've been living in Oklahoma for a while as a renter, but in making the jump to homeowner they narrowed their community search down to two OK towns based on the criteria of their personal situation.

The choice was between Muskogee and Lawton.

The internet did its thing and quickly jumped off the rails, the top comment and gold-star recipient of the day chimed in with:

What’s your criteria? Easy access to fentanyl?

A topical, tragic, and hilariously epic reply since fentanyl is so readily available in both Lawton and Muskogee. Honestly, I'm surprised you can't just add it to your grocery order from the Sheridan Road Walmart... but the thread continued on beyond humor into some pretty hot takes.

That's like choosing syphilis or gonorrhea.


If you like the Army and Meth, Lawton.


That’s like asking, which of these turds will taste best?.... Lawton is in SW OK and SWOK sucks.

Since the internet is the internet, the thread quickly became a free-for-all of big opinions... each one trying to outdo the last...

Listen, I’ve never lived in lawton I’ve just visited it, but anything but lawton.


Lawton is grim, dusty, and isolated. I’ve only visited, and the people seemed nice, but the town itself looks kind of rough. Lawton does not have the beauty of eastern OK at it’s doorstep. I can’t imagine purposefully moving there for any reason other than an amazing job requiring it.


It's funny, I don't know a single thing about Lawton, never been there. But I live close to Muskogee and I am very familiar with that area. The fact the opinions here are all saying to avoid Lawton and go for Muskogee makes me REALLY wonder what the hell is going on over in Lawton.


I’ve never been to Lawton, but tons of students from some college there would come to drink in Stillwater and they were usually out of control. I don’t know if it just not being your city makes you care less about littering and being a nuisance but I had many unpleasant interactions with students from there.


I can’t speak to how it would be living in either town, because I’ve lived in neither. That said, I’ve never heard one good word about Lawton.

If that's how people not from Lawton feel about Lawton, what do people that actually live here think? Surely there's a little saving grace in that, right?

I’m over in the Lawton area. Choose Muskogee. This side of the state is an ugly **** ridden desert.


Live 20 miles from Lawton. Growing up it was known as little Chicago.


I’m from Lawton. Don’t do it lol. I barely like to visit family there. Nothing has changed and no one has changed.


I grew up just outside of Lawton. Left when I was 20 and never regretted it. It's ugly and few opportunities for a career. I'd suggest a suburb of OKC or Tulsa.


I’ve recently become more acquainted with Lawton due to work, and I absolutely do not like going there. I don’t stop anywhere except where I need to go for work. I wouldn’t live there.


I lived in Lawton for 20 years. It’s the armpit of OK.


Lived in Lawton during college. I was a very naive girl, rode my bike from the campus to the mall without a second thought. I look back and think how lucky and insane that was. Husband has family there so we visit often but neither of us would ever want to live there again.


Lawton is butt. I left Lawton and felt so much better.


I'll just say that the water in Lawton tasted like dirt when I went there.


Lawton is a **** pile. Never lived there, but work and other things have brought me there a lot. Hate it every time I’m there.


I’ve lived in Lawton and that place is TERRIBLE


I spent my adolescence in Lawton. Stationed there(my dad) for 12 years. That place is rotten.


Don't got to Lawton. My husband is from there. He agrees with me. Don't go.

And of course, there are comments from those you just can't tell...

DONT PICK LAWTON!! Crime, murder, more crime, crooked cops, crooked city government, poor healthcare.


Lawton has been dying for years and, as many have said, is a ****hole.


If you like the color beige and straight line 80 mph winds, Lawton is the place for you! On a side note, I have never actually heard of someone buying a house in Lawton. Prison? Yes. Army? Absolutely. But buying a house in Lawton-on purpose, is unheard of.


I don't have a lot of strong opinions about Muskogee, but **** Lawton.


Lawton has a lot of crime and drugs.


Lawton has lots of meth. And it’s hotter than hell. Did I mention the meth?


Lawton is truly terrible.


Dude. Not either. But definitely not Lawton.


Anywhere but Lawton


If Oklahoma had a butthole, it would be centered somewhere around Lawton.

Are you still reading at this point? It amazes me how quickly that spiraled out of control, especially since a bulk of it was just unproven hyperbole. While I hate being the voice of reason (I much prefer devil's advocate), I think my personal experience in Lawton could better define this town rather than just calling it a butthole.

I've lived in a dozen different towns in my life, some as small as 15k, others in the millions of people, and I can say with certainty... There's nothing about Lawton you can't say about any other town in America.

Is it boring? Sometimes. Is it dirty? In places. Do the roads suck? The majority.

Does the local government suck? Yeah. Are they corrupt? Probably.

Are there drugs? Yes. Crime? Yes. Violence? Sure... but that's true of most towns across the country.

Is Lawton a bad place to live? It depends on your life I suppose. If you always find yourself in bad situations, living in OKC or Dallas won't magically change that.

The real problem that plagues Lawton is a lack of money. There's just not a lot of it here.

"If you build it, they will come" was fiction... but I'm getting off topic.

Is Lawton a worse town to live in than any other town in America? No. It's the same as living in any other town. Don't start ****, won't be ****.

All the same, playing the devil's advocate, if I had to choose again I'd still be here in Southwest Oklahoma... just not within Lawton city limits.

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