Did you know that each and every state has a "signature drink?" Something that's either unique to the state or just really popular. Some states have pretty interesting and intriguing tastes... Michigan for example loves The Hummer. It's white rum, Kahlua, and two scoops of ice cream in a tall glass. Mississippi on the other hand loves plain whole milk. Honestly, the full list is a wild up and down mixture of amazing and boring. Oklahoma lands right in the middle.

Oklahoma's signature drink is, oddly enough, the Roy Rogers. Famous original film cowboy from the early days of film - AKA - talkies. I think it's odd because Roy Rogers isn't from Oklahoma. He briefly lived here while filming "Home In Oklahoma" and famously got married at the Flying L Ranch in Davis, but that's the extent of his Oklahoma roots... sort of. You see, Roy Rogers, while of no relation, was named after Oklahoma's Favorite Son Will Rogers. Not at birth, Roy Rogers real name was Leonard Slye... but Hollywood executives thought he'd sell more tickets named after WR since his famous death was the hot news at the time. They literally created the most famous cowboy of all time out of a PR stunt... and I'm off topic again.

The Roy Rogers is a non-alcoholic mocktail, because Roy Rogers didn't drink, consisting of cola, grenadine, and a maraschino cherry on top. I've had it, it's tasty. Way better than the Shirley Temple's made in and around the Lawton bar scene.

Brent Hofacker // Shutterstock
Brent Hofacker // Shutterstock

If you were curious what Texas' signature drink was, before you say Dr. Pepper or Big Red, it's actually the humble margarita.

Signature Drinks From Every State


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