If you've ever driven to Duncan, OKC, or Wichita Falls, you might assume Oklahoma is just flat and rolling hills of wheat... and while we have our fair share of ag-land spread across these plains, there are some really beautiful places to visit while you're here. For instance, if you've ever driven to Altus, you might agree that the prettiest mountain views run parallel to US 62 between Cache and Snyder.

Full disclosure, I haven't been to a lot of these, but I have plans to do so. Some of the drives are best left for Fall when the trees start to turn and pop their warm colors. Others are better this time of year when the weather is cold and the skies are clear. You'd be amazing how heat and humidity can ruin your perfect picture. The important thing is to experience the journey, wherever the road takes you.

Have a local meal in the small towns like Hollis, Blair, or Duke. Check out the hipster/antique shops in stop sign towns like Corn, Hominy, or Pink. See something wondrous at Black Kettle, Glass Mountain, or Tallgrass. Go to SE Oklahoma and search for Big Foot and pot grows. There's far more to this fly-over state than you could imagine.

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