What's going on?

Russian Ladies Square Off in Butt Slapping Contest!
We've all seen the slap contests online. A bunch of guys taking turns slapping the face of the other until someone quits or passes out. It's fairly entertaining and I'm always game to watch other people beat the hell out of each other, slapping or otherwise. However our friends in Rus…
Guy Teases Seagulls With French Fries!
You have to see this hilarious video of a guy teasing seagulls with french fries. He keeps throwing french fries in his car up on the dash near the windshield and the birds keep trying to eat them through the glass.
Open Streets 2019
It's a beautiful day in downtown Lawton and Mother Nature is finally giving us a break! Open Streets 2019 has officially started and will be going on until 2:00pm this afternoon.
It Chapter Two Official Trailer!
The new trailer for It Chapter Two is finally here and I can hardly wait to see it! This Summer the Stephen King masterpiece will wrap up with the final chapter and we'll see how it all comes to an end.
Never Try To Eat a Live Octopus!
I love fresh seafood as much, if not more than the next guy but this is going too far! A woman in China accepted a viral challenge to eat a live octopus and stream the action live.
Today is IHOP Free Pancake Day!
oday's the day. It's IHOP Free Pancake Day! Stop by IHOP in Lawton, OK. located at 4020 NW Cache Rd. or visit the closest IHOP to you and get a free short stack of their original buttermilk pancakes today until 7:00pm.
Koenigsegg Jesko the Fastest Car Ever Built?
Forget super cars, this is a MEGACAR! It's the all new Koenigsegg Jesko and it was just unveiled at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. It's capable of producing 1,600hp and reach speeds up to 300mph!