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Support Group For Overly Woke Millennials
A seriously funny poke-fun-at the overly woke Millennials and their warped view of the world. Hope it doesn't hurt their feels! Sadly this is meant as a joke and yet I've actually met a few of these "woke" people and they couldn't be any more annoying.
2019 Cameron University Opportunity Fair!
The Cameron University opportunity Fair provides Cameron students and alumni with opportunities to meet and interview with local companies which seek quality applicants for part-time jobs, internships, and/or volunteer positions. It's going on right now so come on out and find your next career!
Ring Doorbell Captures Home Being Ripped Apart by Tornado!
This Ring Doorbell cam captures a tornado as it removes a house from it's foundation. The coverage came from Emerald Isles, North Carolina. Luckily no one was injured and the home was vacant at the time.This was someone's vacation home and sadly it was completely destroyed.
Disenchantment Returns to Netflix This Month!
We're finally getting the second season, about time! Disenchantment will return to Netflix a little later this month on Friday, September 20th 2019 (09-20-19). If you haven't seen it yet you're missing out, but you have some time to get caught up before part 2 is released. I can'…
A Really Awkward Game of D&D
This video takes a really awkward, if not dark turn. It's hilarious, brilliant and I'm almost ashamed at laughing! A group introduces D&D to their friend and he's all set to play his very first game.
Maid of Honor Wears T-Rex Costume to Wedding!
I'm sure this isn't what the bride had in mind when her bridesmaids asked if they could wear something less formal to the wedding! The maid of honor showed up in an inflatable T-Rex costume! Now this is a wedding I'd actually like to attend! I mean how often do you see a T-Rex walk th…
Florida Man Wants Military to Stop Hurricanes!
Leave it to the news and weather channels to seek out the dumbest people to help fill in their live reports. With hurricane Dorian coming to shore a Florida news channel hit the streets. More like trailer park, literally! They end up interviewing a local resident about the hurricane and it goes just…
Mouse Jumps into Deep Fryer at Whataburger!
A mouse decides to end it all by jumping into the deep fryer at a Texas Whataburger and it was all captured live on video! I'll say it "Thank God for cell phones!" I mean it's one thing to hear about it, it's quite another seeing it. Believe me you'll want to see it!
Guy Builds Drone to Carry Him Over Lakes to Fish!
It's one small step for man, one giant leap for fishermen! A guy in Australia built a drone to carry him over lakes so he could fish, BRILLIANT! This drone is big enough to carry him, his fishing tackle, poles and of course a cold beer. He even has a cup holder!