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Win FREE TICKETS to Super Fight Night!
It's time to separate the mouthy from the mighty! Get ready for Super Fight Night coming to the Grady Co. Fairgrounds in Chickasha, OK. on Saturday, December 8th 2018 (12-08-18). Featuring: pro and amateur boxing, kick boxing, MMA cage fighting and the original Toughman Contest!
Inkin Oklahoma Tattoo Convention 2018
Get pricked by a PRO! It's back, the MEGA 3 day tattoo convention Inkin Oklahoma is going on this weekend at Apache Casino Hotel 2315 East Gore Boulevard. Featuring local, area and tattoo artists from around the world! Including Ink Masters and other well known, famous artists you've seen in magazin…
2018 Halloween Scavenger Hunt!
Get ready for Townsquare Media's 2018 Halloween Scavenger Hunt brought to you by Wichita Furniture! It's your shot at scoring $500.00 or maybe even $5,000.00 bucks!
Win FREE TICKETS to 'Fists of Fury #17'
Get ready to rumble...It’s back, bigger, better and badder than ever before! Fist of Fury #17 is coming to the Grady County Fairgrounds Event Center in Chickasha, OK. on Saturday, June 16th (06-16-18) featuring pro and amateur MMA cage fighting at it’s best for one ni…
Douchebag Style Through The Ages
You can't always immediately spot a douchebag, however more often than not douchebags share several key characteristics. Knowing what to look for is essential to avoiding any social interaction with this subhuman waste of flesh.
WWII Airborne Demonstration Team!
The Henry Post Army airfield on Fort Sill will be celebrating it's 100th anniversary on Saturday April 7th 2018 (04-07-18) and the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team will be there! It's going to be an incredible afternoon complete with an airshow...
Drunk Guy Tries to Buy Beer and Cigarettes Without I.D. NSFW
We've all been there, or at least some of us have! This poor drunk guy stumbles into a convenience store to buy some beer and cigarettes but can't seem to find his I.D. Of course the clerk behind the counter explains and explains again that he can't sell him cigs without I.D. and won&…
10 Things That AMC Wishes You'd Forget About The Walking Dead
It's Back! The second half of season 8 of The Walking Dead on AMC just got underway last Sunday night. If you were tuned in and I'm sure you were, it was a tragic and tearful episode. Aren't they all? I won't spoil it for you so remain calm, there's no need to panic. But bel…
Dog Tries Wearing Snow Boots for the First Time
Having 2 dogs myself and seeing first hand how bad the snow and ice is on their paws I might have to invest in some of these. I've seen the boots for dogs that they can wear on sidewalks and asphalt, so I guess it was only at matter of time before someone started making snow and ice boots.