Don’t shoot the messenger.

The financial website WalletHub crunched the numbers to determine the best and worst states in which to raise a family and it’s not looking good for our neighbors to the north.

According to their data, Oklahoma is the 5th worst state to raise a family. The bright side is that Oklahoma isn’t the worst – that distinction goes to our other neighbors, New Mexico.

Don’t let it get you down, Oklahoma. I have many friends who grew up in the Sooner State and they all seem to have had a pretty good upbringing, so there’s that.

The site ranked states based on family fun, health and safety, education and childcare, affordability and socio-economics. Here’s how Oklahoma ranked in all five categories:

  • Family Fun: 43
  • Health and Safety: 48
  • Education and Child Care: 45
  • Affordability: 40
  • Socio-economics: 37

Of course, you’re wondering how Texas fared in the study. The Lone Star State is pretty average, ranking 28th overall. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Family Fun: 5
  • Health and Safety: 37
  • Education and Child Care: 33
  • Affordability: 41
  • Socio-economics: 38

Apparently, Massachusetts is a helluva place to raise a family as they topped the list. Here are their rankings:

  • Family Fun: 9
  • Health and Safety: 10
  • Education and Child Care: 3
  • Affordability: 6
  • Socio-economics: 21

Take a look at the full results of the study and get the methodology used to determine their results at this location.

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