Johnny Express the Space Delivery Man
A funny C.G (computer graphics) animated short film from Alfred Image Works, a computer graphics and anime company who's gaining viewers and popularity on with their original comedy shorts.
More Useful and Quick Life Hacks- Not Really!
You've probably seen a few life hack videos on YouTube and elsewhere, but you've never seen one quite like this! Most life hack videos are somewhat useful and show you how to solve minor everyday problems or annoyances.
Street Fighter II: Church Edition! [VIDEO]
Funny as hell! Sadly by finding this even in the least bit humorous you're probably going to end up there, I'll save you a chair! Introducing Street Fighter II: Church Edition! I just found this little gem hiding on Youtube and just had to share it. This way I won't end up all alone i…
“That’s My Boy” Features Baseball Prodigy
A three years old boy became an over -night sensation thanks to a short video on YouTube.  Little preschooler Chistian Haupt took the cyber sphere by surprise when his parents uploaded a video of him playing baseball. Haupt’s undeniable talent captured the eye of close to on…
4 Star Hotel With 1 Star People[VIDEO]
With internet sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and Hotwire just to mention a few it has made it easier to get 4 star hotel rooms at a 1 star price which is GREAT !! Till this happens, enjoy LOL