3 Year Old Gets Launched Over 100 Feet in the Air by Kite
WARNING: This video is hard to watch and maybe upsetting to some viewers, hit play at your own discretion. The video shows an incredibly close call with death that took place at a kite festival overseas. A 3 year old girl in Taiwan was accidentally wrapped up and tangled in a large kite tail that la…
Amazing Kite Skills on the Beach
This guy has some amazing kite skills, yes kite skills. I have no ideal how he's able to do all this without getting all tangled up or hitting someone. I remember as a kid flying kites, but nothing like this. Pretty impressive!
10 Unbelievable Kite Videos for Kite Flying Day
Most of us have had an unusually mild winter, so having ‘Kite Flying Day’ in February doesn’t seem like that bad an idea. Any other year, and the annual return of Kite Flying Day on February 8th would seem sad for those of us who can’t go out and…