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Godzilla Vs Kong is Showing at the Vaska Theater in Lawton!
I have that entirely too damn excited, about to piss myself kinda feeling going on. We're talking virgin on prom night type anxious! The wait is officially over, we're finally going to see Godzilla Vs. Kong in all it's killer. kick butt, kauji glory! I've been waiting for this mo…
Zack Snyder’s Justice League is Now Streaming!
Today is the day, we're finally going to see Zack Snyder's Justice League! You can stream the new film on HBO Max, it was released earlier today (03-18-21). I can't wait to hit play on this! With a run time of around 4 hours the "Synder Cut" should redeem the DC Universe and…
‘The Avengers’ In Theaters Midnight Tonight! [VIDEO]
The wait is almost over! Tomorrow (05-04-12) 'The Avengers' will finally be in theaters! If like myself you're entirely too damn excited and couldn't possibly wait any longer to see the new film, you're in luck. Carmike Cinemas will have a special midnight showing tonight!