road rage

Road Rage Incident Turns Deadly for Tailgater
WARNING: If you're a little bit squeamish, or are easily grossed out and disturbed by graphic images you might want to re-think hitting the play button on this video. You won't be able to un-see what you've seen. It's definitely NSFW, there's blood, gore and strong language.…
Shocking Video of Road Rage Fight! [VIDEO]
A shocking video of a road rage incident. Two drivers pull over and start throwing punches and kicks. Even the calmest drivers have a breaking point, we've all been there. It's never a good ideal to get out of your car to confront another person.
Insane Road Rage in San Diego Caught on Video NSFW [VIDEO]
Seems more and more often videos are popping up of road rage incidents where people behind the wheel are losing their minds. Everyone's had a touch of road rage or have gotten angry at another driver, but people are going to new extremes these days. It's down right dangerous out there. Bet…