Real Life First Person Shooter Zombie Game [VIDEO]
Brilliant! The creative minds at RealmPictures have created a real life FPS (First Person Shooter) zombie game and invited people to take control and play via chatroulette, omegle and skype. It's a live video stream and the players tell the actors what to do. Now this has some real possibilitie…
Help Support Disabled Zombies PSA [VIDEO]
I never really thought about disabled zombies before. Maybe I'm callous and insensitive, but thanks to this disabled zombie PSA commercial I now see and understand what I overlooked before. Zombies are people too, well they use to be people anyway. It makes sense that when the zombie apocalypse happ…
The Zombie Phone Prank!
The zombie phone prank! Jack Vale of Jack Vale Films on YouTube.com hits the streets with a smart phone and asks people to take his picture. When they do they see something odd in the frame, a child zombie! Some freak out, others crack up. Okay, so it's a scare prank kinda day!
The Ultimate Zombie Gun! [VIDEO]
Get the right tool for the job! Throughout the years I've heard this same statement uttered hundreds, if not thousands of of times. Having the right tool for the job makes life easier and in this case could very well save your life! Behold the greatest zombie gun ever created in the history of …
The Sexiest Movie Zombies of the Last 50 Years
Okay, I know what you’re thinking: WTF is this heading?! But, it’s simple, really. I sat down and watched more zombie movies than I think anyone was ever meant to watch and compiled a list of the sexiest actresses playing zombies in them.

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