Ever wonder if there's a person out there with no butt crack. Well, a man from South Carolina whose only known identity is his Reddit username, 'TBoneTheOriginal' uploaded this photo on Reddit and sure enough there is no butt crack.

TBone stated in the Reddit thread that he suffered from severe pilonidal cysts. According to Healthline these cysts occur in the cleft at the top of the buttocks. It can cause severe pain and often becomes infected. If it becomes infected, it may exude pus and blood and emit a foul smell.

According to TBone he has had multiple surgeries all from this occuring problem. In the latest surgery thes urgeon had to completely close his butt crack so he would stop getting the cysts. He states he's still able to poop the same, but it's the wiping he has to be careful with or he will get another infection.

As for explaining it to women, TBone states it wasn't very hard as he is married and she was 'cool with it.'

Below is the photo posted on Reddit:


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