The legendary Lemmy Kilmister passed away in December of last year. In August of 2015, Matt Sweeney of Noisey sat down with the Motorhead frontman at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Los Angeles for a video interview. You can watch the full conversation above.

The two discuss how Lemmy became a bass player, and he told the story of how he wanted to try out for Hawkwind, but they didn't need a guitar player, they needed a bass player. The band's former bassist just so happened to leave his bass in the equipment van and the rest is history.

As to why he first started playing guitar in his younger days, Lemmy simply responds, "I just wanted the chicks in the beginning, and I got 'em, too."

The fact that Lemmy's mother played the lap steel guitar and a young Kilmister seeing the Beatles live for the first time were other topics of conversation.

When asked if there were any bass players that stood out to him when he was beginning to play the instrument, Lemmy mentioned Paul McCartney. He also said, "John Entwistle (The Who) was my favorite because that's who I sounded like."

During the interview Kilmister and Sweeney spend quite a bit of time jamming, and Lemmy says, "It's getting harder than ever because I've got diabetes and my fingers are going, you know."

A statue of Lemmy was unveiled last month at the Rainbow in an area dubbed "Lemmy's Lounge." When he wasn't on the road with Motorhead, Kilmister spent a lot of time at the Rainbow, and his favorite barstool is a focal point of the lounge.

Motorhead's final studio album Bad Magic was released last year. In June, the live DVD/CD Clean Your Clock was released, which chronicles two shows in Munich, Germany a little more than a month before Lemmy's death.

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