While taxes are a way of life not all tax systems have been developed equally, according to the 2013 State Business Tax Climate Index by the Tax Foundation.

The Foundation’s latest report was released today, ranking the states most and least friendly to do business in based on factors like individual income tax, sales tax, corporate income tax, property tax and unemployment insurance tax.

According to the latest statistics, New Jersey is no longer the most unfriendly for business, as neighboring New York has laid claims to this year’s title.

Typically, states without one or more of the major taxes ranked better than those with all of them in play. “Wyoming, Nevada, and South Dakota have no corporate or individual income tax; Alaska has no individual income or state-level sales tax; Florida has no individual income tax; and New Hampshire and Montana have no sales tax,” the foundation said on its website.

Below are the best and worst places in America for business:

Five Best States for Business

1. Wyoming
2. South Dakota
3. Nevada
4. Alaska
5. Florida

Five Worst States for Business

46. Rhode Island
47. Vermont
48. California
49. New Jersey
50. New York

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