Surely by now you've seen at least some sort of coverage from the incredible wildfires in Canada. They've been burning for a while and the scenes out of American cities like New York City look apocalyptic.

@cbseveningnews New York was among the cities with the worst air quality in the world on Wednesday as Canadian wildfires put tens of millions of Americans at risk of dangerous air quality. In some parts of the country, the air is so bad it is equivalent to smoking one cigarette an hour. #newyorkcity #wildfires #canada #airquality #healthtok ♬ original sound - CBSEveningNews

There's even quite a bit of conspiracy talk behind the wildfire action because there always is when a government is involved. The same governments that toted the line about eating bats created the Covid-19 pandemic are talking about how the wildfires are directly being caused by climate change... but they do sure seem to flare up with perfect timing in extraordinarily patterned firelines...

@weatherdak Astonishing imagery shows raging wildfires in Alberta burning nearly one million acres. #alberta #weather #canada ♬ Paris - Else

That's neither here nor there, the real question is, will these fires eventually affect Oklahoma?

The Sooner State experienced this exact wildfire smoke situation during the summer of 2020. It was wonderful.

At least in Lawton, we had exactly one day at or above 100° all summer long. Most of that season was a comfortable and balmy 85°-95° due to the wildfire smoke coming out of California, flying high in the atmosphere and acting as a sunblock for large portions of the country, Oklahoma included.

It was so nice, many Oklahomans have openly campaigned to light California back on fire each summer since it can be so absolutely brutal here--see Summer 2022.

Weather experts tend to agree that the jet stream just isn't going to push Canada's wildfire smoke down this far, even those burning far west in British Columbia. The upper plains, Midwest, and Atlantic Coast states are seeing the majority of it.

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