Mr. McFarlane,

Since creating 'Family Guy,' you've built a tremendous base of fans from many demographics around the world. You've carved out a popularity with both the young and old with your unique style of random hilarity. Your brilliant writing and uninhibited talent seems to evolve every season, which is completely reverse to what is normal in your industries.

This year, your 'Family Guy' fans were overwhelmingly blown over by the episode "Into Harmony's Way", in which characters Peter and Quagmire figure out their voices are cut from a perfect 70's folk cloth. It was absolutely epic. Your talent as a writer and singer/songwriter popped out as pure ecstasy in our ears. Instant close-harmony folk classics like "Home Bowl" and "Butter on a Poptart", not to mention the snippets of others found in that remarkable episode. Brilliance.

This letter is being penned to challenge and encourage you to finish recording, and subsequently release the full length Griffin & Quagmire album. Whether it be He-Flections, Sharing a Hat, or Blowing Your Friend, it's sure to be pure badassery. Given your professional career, you're not likely to shy away from any challenge.