Being the so called "King of Weird", I tend to stumble across a lot of awesomeness. Mix in a hint of internet over-exposure, and normal photos just aren't good enough anymore. I've slowly become somewhat of a Renaissance Man for moving pictures. They are my medium of choice in this "Art Eat Art" world. Any way you slice it up, it's going to be awesome, hilarious, creepy, and a possible touch of disgusting.

If at first you don't succeed, give up.


Topical gif's aren't always hitting their funny mark, but it's hard to not laugh when there's so much truth in the symbolism.


There's no secret that guns are awesome, when handled properly of course... They just also seem to be hilarious when not handled properly.

If there's a chance something could ruin your childhood, I'm all in and hellbent on doing just that.


Yoga pants are best pants


And last, but not at all the least.. Quite possibly the funniest gif I've ever seen. It's got it all! An appropriate, but not overbearing level of creep and a gross factor comfortably at the top of the chart. It's like a big 'ol pot of hilariousness gumbo.

I Am Bored