Calvin is considering a career change. Right now he’s a full-time dad, works on Wall Street, and is a stripper on the side. It has certain benefits. Right now he’s making from $500 to $1200 a night, and now he’s thinking of doing this full time. But sometimes he feels low after working a long night. Is pursuing this as a full-time career a good idea or is he crazy?

My Advice:

Well Calvin, you’re not crazy, but it’s not socially acceptable. You should ask yourself at the end of the day, are you proud of this activity? Call me conservative, but I don’t think dancing almost nude is an appropriate way to be pulling in money, especially at your age and while you have a child.

You seem to be searching for something with a career change.  I’m going to take a guess and say that at least one thing you’re missing is generosity. Just showing that you care about someone can make a big difference in how you feel. I think this is what’s missing in your life right now.

What I think you should do is volunteer your time to someone else. You know how good that’ll make you feel? In our community, we give toys to children during the holidays, and you’d be surprised how good a real ‘thank you’ will make you feel.

When you do things selflessly for other people, it’ll change your whole attitude. When you strip, maybe you’re giving some ladies a fun time, but you’re not giving yourself what you need. I’m not telling you you’re doing anything wrong, but the only way you’ll get out of your rut, is by being generous to other people.

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