Dog Tries Wearing Snow Boots for the First Time [VIDEO]
Having 2 dogs myself and seeing first hand how bad the snow and ice is on their paws I might have to invest in some of these. I've seen the boots for dogs that they can wear on sidewalks and asphalt, so I guess it was only at matter of time before someone started making snow and ice boots.
It’s Adoption Saturday at Lawton Animal Welfare!
We care about the animals in our area, and are committed to help with getting the word out for adoptable animals in all of the area shelters.  We will be sharing event information and profiles of some wonderful forever friends.
awton Animal Welfare's Two Hearts Adoptathon, which is held on the First …
Coyote Attacks Man While Out Hiking NSFW [VIDEO]
I never really thought of coyotes as aggressive, or at least anytime I've ever encounter one they've all been scared and usually ran off as fast as they could. This guy came across a coyote that means business! At first glance it seems friendly, but not really. He remained clam and managed…

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