Test Driving A Lambo [VIDEO]
There's not a lot left on this earth I really want to experience. Not that there aren't a lot of great experiences out there and that I have done it all, its just that there aren't a lot of things I feel a deep desire to put myself through.
Children’s Art Fair Comes To Lawton
The City of Lawton is getting ready for their 7th annual Children’s Art Fair, to be held on Saturday, at the Elmer Thomas Park Festival Field, beginning at 11 a.m. and running until 3 p.m. The art fair is completely free, and children between kindergarten and fifth grade are invited …
Backyard Makeover- The Bird Bath [VIDEO]
We men are simple. Give us a patch of green grass, and a patio to sit on, and we're pretty content. But once in a while, you'll want to add something to the recipe for a nice evening out. In this case, it's a birdbath. Here are the simple steps to ensure it's done right.
Jousting With Rockets! [VIDEO]
I'm not a hobbyist, as far as planes and rockets go, but after watching this I think it's something I could easily get into. There's nothing like spending a ton of time, money and effort on something then DESTROYING IT! And more than that, no purpose.

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