One week from today, Super Bowl XLVI will be played in Indianapolis. Weather you are a fan of the New York Giants or the New England Patriots, or a football fan in general, this is the game you have been waiting for. Now there are fans from 30 other teams who will be watching just for the atmosphere. Many will not care one way or the other about the two best (hmmm) teams in the NFL, or which one will be World Champion next Sunday night.

Maybe you are just going to have a group of people over to watch the Super Bowl, a great way for friends and family to get together to eat and have a good time together.

Over the next few days, Clay' Corner will be up with different types of foods that can be served at a Superbowl party. From simple to full blown, there is something for everyone.

Monday we will look at just light snacks. I am hungry already just thinking about this. But in order for me to describe this feat, I have to make a run to the market.