As if the current warm weather was an indicator, the National Oceanic & Atmosphere Administration is predicting Winter 2016-2017 to be warm and dry. Not to the extent of drought conditions, but dry. Having said that, take this with a grain of salt as they kind of completely missed the forecast last year. It was predicted very cold and wet. Now, we did get some ice and slushy conditions around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but our normally freezing January-February conditions disappeared as Spring came early.

This year, we're expecting to be a little warmer, and up to 40% drier. If that forecast holds out, we could be mowing before Christmas like we did last year... which is a total bummer, because yard work is for the birds.

On the other hand, warmer and drier is good news for travelers, provided you're not traveling to parts of the North expecting a frozen ice-hammer this year.

If you want to check out all the details, and the complete forecast models, visit NOAA's write up about it.