Flula is an internet enigma... That is to say there's a certain mysteriousness to him that I can't quite put my finger on. Sort of how FPSRussia used to be... where you're not sure if that person is legit or not. While FPSRussia turned out to be a normal 'Murican named Kyle... Flula might just be exactly what he portrays.

After years of videos across his channels, the one thing that never changes is the dialect and accent. I think Flula is legit. That being said, he's best known for his random beat boxing. During celebrity interviews, driving down the road blaring it through a sound system, hell, Flula even randomly beat boxes mid-sentence sometimes. Well, somehow he ended up with a super slow motion camera, and decided to catch some of the creepiest video I've ever laid witness to. Good luck sleeping tonight.