Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, Google Glass now has an app perfect for home-made sex tapes.

The app, titled 'Sex With Google Glass' allows Glass users to view what your partner sees, so you can view the act in another perspective, as long as they too have Google Glass.

To activate this app, simply say "OK Glass, it's time" and Google Glass will stream what both you and your partner can see; and when the deed is done simply say "OK Glass, Pull Out."

That's not all the app can do, according to the app's website, when using it, you can have Google Glass set the mode with music and dim the lights (as long as your lights have a wireless connectivity). It can even give you sex positions from the 'Kama Sutra' if you say "OK Glass, Give me ideas."

Also you don't even have to worry about your video getting leaked as the app will automatically delete the video in five hours.

The app is still in development with an unknown release date. However an app for the iPhone known as 'Glance' will be released sometime in February.