Jason Newsted has an impressive resume as a musician. The bassist has been a solid member of some of the most notable bands in metal history. After a hiatus from the music this intense, string shredding, energy bomb is back with a new four song EP. Check out the review and preview for yourself!

From the opening note of Soldierhead your ears are left screaming for relief as the intensity doesn't stop, Jason along with band mates Jesus Mendez Jr. and Jessie Farnsworth have got the recipe right. The second track Godsnake has all the low-end crunch that you could ask for in a song. This crunch coupled with raspy metal vocals that we have come to know from Jason that could typically only be heard live. The last two tracks are are just as good as the previous two.

Soldierhead was the first single released off of the NEWST3D EP. Listen to the full song below.

This album was recorded and produced by Jason Newsted at his Chophouse record label. When it comes to touring in support of his new release Jason Newsted is getting back to metal roots and not relying on promoters and corporate labels. His plan is very simple if someone would like to put a tour together then he is more than willing to entertain offers. Jason has made his opinion known as of late by taking a stand against a new trend in touring and that is charge fans for meet and greets passes to get backstage.

Check out Jason Newsted's Metal EP available on iTunes now.