The 2011 season for the LHS Wolverines was started off at Cameron stadium Friday evening September 2nd. They were playing their cross town rivalry the Eisenhower Eagles. This is a game that is always loaded with adventure from the opening whistle. The Wolverines coming into this game were looking to begin a journey of being the only “Three-Pete” champions in the history of the “Generals Trophy.” However, they were going to need to do it after losing ten defensive starters and five offensive starters. This may seem to be a hurdle that most high school teams may not be able to overcome. But, under the leadership of senior quarterback Brandon Bartlett and senior “sam” linebacker Vincent Thomas that never say die Wolverine spirit will become evident.

The ballgame began just as all others the captains met at mid-field the coin toss was won by LHS and the Eagles elected to receive. The Eagles starting quarterback, Adrian McDonald, was on the injured list so this left the duties in the hands of Matt Ray. The Eagles opening drive began at their own twenty and on the second play ray was intercepted by rookie LHS corner back Tevin Foster and twenty eight yards later the Wolverines had six the pat sailed wide left with just one minute and twenty six seconds of the first quarter completed.  The second possession for the Eagles led to a punt, which was downed by the Wolverines at the Eagles forty-six, and in less than three minutes, the Wolverines had capped off a forty-six yard drive with an Ivan Thomas aka “the bus” four yard explosion up the middle with great surge blocking from the Wolverine line. The Wolverines two-point try was no good LHS 12 EHS 0. Still in the first quarter, the Eagles third possession led to their second quarter back of the night Randy Green and their third punt. The Wolverines had their worst field position of the night at their own forty-eight; it took four plays, which included the air and ground assault by the Wolverines. At 3:32 to go in the first quarter, “the bus” takes the hand off from Bartlett and finds a gaping hole to the right and the Wolverines have nineteen after Will Height added the pat LHS 19 EHS 0. The story line in the first quarter doesn’t get any better for the Eagles as their next possession was another three and out with a punt that went for a negative two yards, setting up the Wolverines offense at the Eagle twenty three. Again, the Wolverines balanced attack was more than the Eagles defense could handle and with 57 seconds to in the first quarter Tevin Foster runs a crossing pattern in the end zone and Bartlett lasers the ball in Height adds the pat LHS 26 EHS 0.

The second quarter began as the first quarter ended the Wolverines defense was keying on every play that the Eagles tried. The Eagles offense was finally having a little success, but as Green drops, back for an ill-advised pass Curtez Zachary darts in front of the receiver and picks the Eagles for the second time tonight, setting up the Wolverines at the LHS twenty-nine. Bartlett and the Wolverine offense come out ready for their longest field of the night. JT Pratt shows his talents at tailback by getting the Wolverines out to mid-field; Bartlett then dumps a quick check off to the tight end Nick Pyfer setting up LHS at the Eagle forty-six. On the next play Bartlett drops straight back in the pocket and Demarious Littles is running the post pattern, Height adds the pat LHS 33 EHS 0. The Eagles have not caught a break all night and the ensuing kickoff was no different, the fielded the ball at the two and started at their own eight. During the drive Ray came back in to lead the charge, they started trying to get outside but DJ Ward and Patrick Diaz would not allow this to happen. However, a few holding penalties against the Wolverines allowed the Eagles to move the ball out of the shadow of their own goal posts.

Again, the Eagles were forced to punt, and with the help of the wind and another holding penalty, the Wolverines were backed up to their own twenty-nine yard line. Nevertheless, the balanced attack continued for the Wolverines. The offensive line has been the key for the entire first half, Tanner Christ, Adam Castro, Brandon DeWitt, Cory Pigrum, and Dometreaus Pyfer have opened holes and given Bartlett the time he has needed to pass all game long. Bartlett caps this drive off as he rolls to his right and finds Foster running the seam for a fifty-six yard T.D. again Height is good on the pat LHS 40 EHS 0.

Who says this game does not mean much coach Breeze lines up the Wolverines to kick off and pulls a little razzle dazzle. A pooch kick in the first half with 3:58 to go. The Eagles on the field and in the stands were caught off guard; the Wolverines recover the bouncing ball at the EHS twenty-six. Little runs a stop and go on the near side and Bartlett again is on the money with the throw, Height adds the pat LHS 47 EHS 0.

Time finally expires in the first half after the Eagles punt the ball back to the Wolverines for the fifth time. Mercifully, the Wolverines take a knee a let the clock run out.

The second half began with the Wolverines coming out and receiving the opening kick- off.  Dallas Sealey was called on to lead the attack. However, the opening possession led to the first turnover for the Wolverines. As Sealey pulled away from center he dropped the ball, the Eagles recovered it on their own forty-eight. Again, the Eagles offense could not get anything going due do the relentless pursuit of the entire Wolverine defensive unit. This led to exchange of punts for the next two series before the Eagles were finally able to break- through and score late in the third quarter on a five yard run LHS 47 EHS 7.

The ending of the third and the beginning of the fourth quarter saw LHS with the ball and Sealey in command of the Wolverine offense. The Eagles had seen Pratt, little Wojo, Thomas, and Hayes as runners now they were seeing what Sealey had to offer at QB. With 9:38 to go in the game Sealey, drops back in the pocket and avoids the EHS first-string defense as Isaiah Campbell runs the post from thirteen yards out, Height adds the pat      LHS 54 EHS 7. EHS is forced to punt for the eighth time, and as LHS brings in more second and third team players, Sealey throws his first INT for the year. The Eagles are now facing the Wolverines combined second and third team defense late in the fourth and are able to muster their second scoring drive of the game LHS 54 EHS 14.

However, the Wolverines third team offense led by Poe Alaelua does not want to leave this game without scoring. So starting out at the LHS twenty-six Alaelua has less than a minute to make a name for his team. With 52 seconds left in the game, he hands the ball to Emmanuel Thomas he scampers down the far sideline and it is off to the races seventy four yards into the end zone he goes, Height adds the pat LHS 61 EHS 14.

The game finally ended at 11:15 P.M.

Next week we will face the east side foe Macarthur Highlanders. They are coming off a season opening victory over the Wichita Falls Coyotes 43-17. You can listen to all of the action here on Z94.


Team Stats Week 1

Rush Yds 237
Avg/Game 237.0000
Pass Yds 250
Avg/Game 250.0000
Tot Yds 487
Avg/Games 487.0000
Tot Pts 61
Avg/Game 61.0000
Rush Yds 60
Avg/Game 60.0000
Pass Yds 139
Avg/Game 139.0000
Tot Yds 199
Avg/Games 199.0000
Tot Pts 14
Avg/Game 14.00

Individual Player Stats:

Brandon Bartlett: Completions: 6 Attempts: 9 Yards: 176 TDs: 4 Interceptions: 0

Dallas Sealey: Passing Completions: 4 Attempts: 7 Yards: 74 TDs: 1 Interceptions: 1

Demarious Littles: Receiving Receptions: 3 Yards: 110 TDs: 2 Average: 36.6667

J.T Pratt: Rushing Attempts: 13 Yards: 64 TDs: 0 Average: 4.9231

Ivan Thomas: Rushing Attempts: 7 Yards: 36 TDs: 2 Average: 5.1429

Tevin Foster: Receiving Receptions: 2 Yards: 60 TDs: 2 Average: 30.0000 TDs: 3 Total Points: 18 Defense Tackles: 2 Sacks: 0 Interceptions: 1

Emmanuel Thomas: Rushing Attempts: 1 Yards: 74 TDs: 1 Average: 74.0000