For years, commercials have been so sluggish to push the obvious message discouraging drunk driving. RatedRR does it right with a 12 gauge.

I honestly can't remember when it was cool to shotgun a beer. Maybe somewhere around the turn of the century or so. I guess there's a possibility that shotgunning beer is what you have to do when you can only party on the cheap stuff. Come to think of it, when I buy beer nowadays, I buy top shelf and normally drink one or two a week.

Sometimes you just can't beat a good, cold beer after mowing the lawn.

Getting back into the message playing here. Drunk driving. It's not cool.

You may think you're the 'best drunk driver in the world,' but after you sober up, you probably realize how w reckless and dangerous it is. The trick to keeping the weekend roads safe from the impaired is this...

Don't remind your friends not to drink and drive because they could get hurt or killed... Remind them of those who are also on the road.

The child in the back-seat of the car they might hit. The selfless veteran that survived three tours in hell and made it back alive. The life they can protect by not driving that night.

If all that jazz fails, it's totally OK to rail on them a little bit. Guy code.