Early in his career, Los Angeles Laker guard Kobe Bryant was referred to as the "next Michael Jordan." Even comparisons as abstract as uniform number swaps mid-career (Michael started his career wearing 23 for the Bulls, changed to 45 upon returning from "retirement" and then finished back at 23, while Kobe started with 8 and after some "legal entanglements" attempted to "resurrect" himself with number 24) and total NBA titles (Jordan finished his career with 6 titles while Kobe currently has 5 Championship rings and counting) drew the two superstars into a class of their own.

Kobe has even stated that as a youngster, he watched, no STUDIED Michael Jordan's on-court work, willing himself to be the greatest player of all time. Well, apparently practice makes perfect and imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, or at least it would appear to be so as this video mash of the two hoops legends appears to show. The comparison is easy and its hard not to see that Kobe managed to impress Michael's moves into his own DNA. Check out the similarity between maybe the two greatest players in NBA history in this montage.