The internet is filled with many funny, awesome and cool videos. Some videos are also weird, creepy and should not have seen the light of day. Ylvis' "The Fox" is one of those videos that should never and I mean never have even been conceived as a thought.

At first it looks like it's something out of The Beatles 'I Am The Walrus' with people dressed as animals. Questionable at first and then begins then randomness ensues.

The video comes from a comedy duo in Norway. The singers Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker begin the song with something that every 2-year-old already knows, animal sounds.

But that's not what makes this already estranged little video stand out from the rest. No, what makes it stand out is the brothers donning fox costumes and making random screeches and yells.

If that's not already creepy enough the old man and CGI Fox might give you nightmares.

Random humor is fine if done right, but in this case it's just an utterly disturbing video that needs to go back to the deep corners of the web from whence it came.

Check out the video here: