So Critter and I (as well as KLAW and My107.3FM)have been broadcasting for a little over twelve hours straight, and while such a day of awesomeness and charity can get a little long, it's been a blast thus far. We're sitting at Jim Glover Chevrolet (82nd and Cache Road) still rocking it live and loud waiting for you to bring in your freshly purchased bicycle for a less fortunate child of our community. WalMart is being super awesome putting the bikes on a 30 hour sale just for this heartwarming event! 

Knowing that we lowly DJ's would be out all night long accepting the bicycle donations, the kick ass staff at Jim Glover Chevrolet decided to leave us the key... and you know what that can do to a couple of nutballs??? Bad ideas, poor choices, and epic hilarity.

Sure, we took some fun pics in the high-end cars (who wouldn't right?)

Critter Preparing For An Epic Burnout

But we are also surrounded by a plethora of donated bicycles... to which Critter challenged me to a race, in which case I politely declined... emphatically. But nooooo... Critter had to whip out the "C" word. Oh yeah, he called me a chicken, and homey don't play that!

I was left with a life altering decision. Do I let Critter call me out and cower down into the normalcy of the night? Or do I accept the challenge and dominate with my epic skills?  Skills it is. Now before we continue, let me side-bar off into this vivid realization. While we never forget how to ride a bike, we absolutely lose that ability.


Critter and Kelso Mutual Fail

As you can see, in the battle of "Bones versus Blob", it was a decisive tie.


Now... Where are all the car keys...