The months and days leading up to the big class reunion are ones that are filled with excitement and anticipation for the big night to see a big part of your life once again. 

Then the day finally arrives and wow.  You first scan the room to see just who is there.  Then you try to see if you can recognize some if not all of your classmates.  A few interesting observations from my reunion this past weekend. 

I graduated in the Class of 1981.  We met Friday Evening for a social mixer and a good time of food and sharing memories and looking at out yearbooks. 

One thing that kept coming up over and over was why are so many people that actually live right here (where we graduated) not attending?   Some people said well that they can keep up on Face Book or by email.  Well that is fine up to a certain point, but what about those who don't live there and you have not seen them since graduation?

Social media is a great tool to use for getting the word out about the event.  Now understandably ours was not as elaborate as  Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.  But as colorful at times.  Good times and there were interesting questions asked from time to time. 

Saturday brough yet more interesting observations.  Some who were thater Friday opted out on Saturday and then there were the ones who came in Saturday night to enjoy some time together. 

There were several that pointed out that at the 10 year reunion there was massive networking going on, people were bragging on where they had been, what (and who ) they were doing, and how much money they were making.  Move forward 10 to our 20th and not near as much excitement as before but some of the groups still clung close together.

This weekend it was all about visiting, relaxing and enjoying the time we had , as short as it was it was good for the few of us who made the time to get together to relive memories, make new ones and hear about the "grand kids."  One of the final thoughts that was relayed to the class of 81 from one of our classmates was we need to look closely.  There are some in this room that probably will not be with us in 5 or 10 years.  tough to swallow, but, it ia reality of life. 

Hope when your reunion comes around that you will consider attending.  You never know what you will miss if you don't go.  I am glad I made the time to go to mine.  Too bad some people missed a great opportunity.  Time is short.